Tree Surgeon Services

Tree Surgeons

Tree surgeon services are needed to maintain the health and beauty of trees. There are many reasons why you might need a tree surgeon. For example, if your tree is having problems with its roots, you may need a tree surgeon to help make sure it's healthy and stable.

A qualified and experienced tree surgeon can also help if your tree is growing in an undesirable way or has grown too tall for its surroundings. They will use their expertise to cut back the top of the tree so that it grows in a more natural way, as well as for trim branches and remove any excess foliage that may be blocking light from reaching other plants below it.

Tree Felling

Cutting down a tree poses many hazards that can be avoided by using professional tree surgeons and observing all safety precautions. Click below to read more and to book a free quote.

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Crown Work

Crown work is the removal of selected branches and limbs from the lower part of a tree's crown. Click on the link below to read more and to book a free quote.

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Our main pruning of Fruit Trees will happen between mid and late winter, while the tree is dormant. Click below to read more and to book a free no-obligation quote.

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Hedge Cutting Maintenance

We offer a full professional hedge control and maintenance service. Whether this is regular hedge control or annual maintenance. Click below to read more and to book a free quote.

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Tree & Shrub Pruning

Pruning helps maintain the balance and causes buds in the old wood to produce vegetative growth that will become the next young fruiting wood. Click below to read more and to book a free quote.

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Deadwood Removal

It is important to assess the needs of every tree individually as falling branches can be dangerous. Click on the link below to read more and to book a free quote.

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Tree Care and Maintenance: Tips for Using Professional Tree Surgeon Services

It is that time of year again and we look to the red and the golden colour leaves on the trees that have been left by autumn. It is also that time of year when we notice that during the windy months some tree branches have become unsafe. Deadwood in trees is very dangerous and requires the skills of a tree surgeon who will manually remove the dead branch, or tree, for you. Just like any other person I like to give the task a try myself before slashing out on the cash. However, I soon realised the enormity of my task and the need for a professional tree surgeon from my local county. In Renfrewshire, tree surgeon services have been called on upon to clear wind felled trees in the road on many occasions.

Tips for tree care

Placing dead wood in the garden or cutting your tree down is no good. As I cut and sawed I realised how deadly the deadwood was and how difficult it is to remove even with a mechanical saw. There are a number of options you can use. A hand saw is the simplest solution but this is delicate work and would require that you knew your tree extremely well, that you knew how to saw properly and even that you had a lot of confidence in the strength of your tools. While a chainsaw can do the job but is complex to use. If you have a soft top maceration you are better off. In my situation, with my live oak tree, it was quite old so I needed a firm yet steady hand.

Hiring tree surgeons

So, how do you find good tree surgeon services to take care of your trees? Well, there are several methods of contacting your local tree surgeon, one of which is contacting the tree surgeons of the trade body, the Woodland Trust Scotland. They have a list of tree surgeons with contact details and, if needed, your location. This list is helpful but it is not always easy to find a phone number for the tree surgeon who looks after the trees in your neighbourhood, especially if you do not live on the main road.

If you are lucky and your location falls within the Pincs Memorial Woodlands, I would like to remind you that your Scottish Countryside Alliance will have a list of tree surgeons for your area, provided by the Forestry Commission Scotland.

Why use a professional tree surgeon services?

Having cleared these dead branches of wood I could never have returned them to the trees the same way again. They had become brittle and dangerous, they should have been taken to a professional, local tree surgeon that will take out the deadwood and care for the branches until they can be taken away.

Many people incorrectly think that their local tree surgeon services will cut the trees to the heights that they want the trees to be cut. However, the removal of deadwood and some trees that are starting to rot is not always the best option for the trees that need to be in top condition.


As a novice myself I was happy to have chosen the one that was giving advice with a straightforward plan of action. The more experienced tree surgeon had suggestions for the next step and even offered a little advice on the intricacies of stumping trees with broken trunks that had become unsustainable. It was this expertise that earned this tree surgeon his cash and the higher quality branches, that the rest of us might have given up on, as a way to protect the remaining healthy trees.