Deadwood Removal

Deadwood Removal

Deadwood removal can be extremely dangerous. It is important to assess the needs of every tree individually but strong winds and general shedding can be dangerous.

The process of deadwood removal is important for the overall health of a tree. Deadwood is wood that has died and is no longer serving any purpose in the tree. It can be a hazard to people and property, and it can also be a harbour for pests and diseases. Removing deadwood is a simple process that should be done by a professional arborist or tree surgeon.

There are several ways to remove deadwood from a tree. One way is to use a chainsaw to cut away the deadwood. Another way is to use a tool called a “lopper” to cut away the deadwood.

Deadwood removal is important because it helps keep the tree healthy. Deadwood can harbour diseases and pests, which can harm the tree. Removing the deadwood helps prevent these problems and keeps the tree healthy.

The removal is also important because it helps keep the tree safe. Dead branches can fall and damage property or injure people. Removing these dead branches helps keep people and property safe.

Deadwood removal is a necessary process for any tree. By removing the deadwood, you promote growth which makes for happier, healthier trees.

Arborcare Tree Surgeons undertake the safe removal and pruning of branches that show signs of decay and ageing.